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The Alejae Vision

When quality meets values

In 2021 we found ourselves with a worn out yoga mat after two years of daily practice. When we tried to find the perfect mat replacement we realised that there was a huge supply of mats, but all of the tricky marketing tactics and buzz words made it almost impossible to filter through the products to find something true to who we were. Yogi's expect more from our products in 2021 than ever before, so we developed a comprehensive multifactor criteria analysis to evaluate the optimum blend of materials for our mats. We included health components (toxic substances, smell and antimicrobial properties), environmental components (degradation time, recycling potential, sustainable supply), material properties (product density, porosity, durability, tensile strength, performance under heat) and last, but certainty not least the product performance for practice (slip, grip, feel). Our blended and reversible mats have considered everything in their design. Read more about our design development and evaluation in our blog, where you can also find out more about our sustainability vision.

Pay it forward

Alejae started out of need, but our values and drive developed based on vision. We have some exciting goals when it comes to how and where we spend out profits. Our 'pay-it-forward plan', progress tracker and benchmarking goals can be found at the link below. We hope you can join us on this journey, because achieving great things feels so much better when we can achieve them with friends! If you have any suggestions on our plan, we would love to hear them.

You can find out more about our opinion on the accountability of organisations and companies to change the state of the world in our blog section.

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